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california. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. race day in san jose. cyclists and fans are at the starting line for the tour of california. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the amgen tour of california
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zooms through san jose this afternoon. the 19.6-mile course will start on bailey avenue at the ibm silicon valley lab after noon. the finish line is at the santa clara county motorcycle park on metcalf road. this is day 6 of the eight-day event that started in southern california. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live in san jose where riders are gearing up for the big race. cate. >> reporter: good afternoon, frank. in less than an hour, the cycling pros are going to be out on the streets of san jose and fans will be lining up to send them off. there's a lot of activity already going on right here. we know there are already racers out as part of a charity race. and although these 400 are professionals as far as they are concerned, they are already living the dream. amgen tour of california is here in the bay area. >> whoo! >> reporter: it kicked off with charity riders getting a chance to test out the big boys course. >> i'm really excited to be here to take part. i feel like i have been able to
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do the same course that the professionals are doing. >> reporter: the charity race has been part of the tour every year raising $25,000 annually for antiobesity programs in silicon valley. >> excited to see the pros race on the roads that i ride all the time. it will be cool to ride the course and see how much faster they can get through it. >> reporter: we are in stage 6 of the 8-day tour, with different styles of races. today is the individual time trial. >> this is individual righters starting at one-minute intervals. it takes out the team work. individual riders how strong they are on that day. >> reporter: the pros aside, this is a special day for the fans. it's the largest annual spectator sporting event in the state. >> we have a lot of riders who you normally have to go to europe to see compete. fans or not, it brings them to
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beautiful california and we get to see some great world class professional racing on roads here that people ride every day. >> reporter: today is specifically unique because the time trials won't be that traditional pack of riders you see. it's all about the individuals. so really, it could be a game changer and it could set the tone for the rest of the race. reporting live in south san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. this is the first time the amgen tour will finish here in the bay area. it will end in santa rosa on sunday. and it will be a busy weekend to be sure. the tour of california collides with the bay to breakers this sunday in san francisco. security will be tight. bomb dogs and more officers will be among the runners. cement trash cans have been replaced with transparent ones. security is increased following the boston marathon bombing boston marathon last month. chief suhr says officers will be ready. >> we have told the officers they have to engage the crowd
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early and often. this is a great event. it's over 100 years old. we don't expect anything different. >> he says you will see police academy cadets helping out with patrols and 16 other law enforcement agencies helping on sunday including the fbi. we have posted a complete race guide on our website, >> reporter: two men are dead overnight after a shooting on 880 after the end of the golden state warriors game. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec tells us why investigators don't think this is a random act of violence. >> reporter: the two men who died on northbound 880 around 10:30 last night were on the way home from the warriors game at oracle arena, wearing warriors gear and driving this white porsche when someone in a dark colored suv pulled up to the driver's side and started shooting a semi-automatic pistol. the driver died at the wheel. the passenger on the road. >> the passenger at some point
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exited the vehicle and was struck by another car. >> reporter: the chp shut down 880 until 2:30 causing a back from broadway for miles. just as warrior fans were going home from the game. >> i think they are cowards for shooting on the freeway, you know, for anybody shooting anybody. >> i'm just visiting from chicago. i can't believe something like this happening tonight. that's terrible. i hope they find the guys that did this. >> reporter: investigators don't know why the shooter targeted the 2010 porsche, but it's such a distinctive car, they are hoping witnesses may remember seeing it earlier in the night. >> exactly what led up to this shoot, the motivation behind the shooting, that's still being looked at by our investigators. >> reporter: no shots were fired from the white porsche during this altercation. the chp thinks this was something more than simple road rage. >> road rage is more of a random incident. in many cases, you do not have the quantity of rounds fired
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from one vehicle to another in a road rage incident. >> reporter: investigators are now reviewing surveillance video footage from inside and outside of the coliseum trying to find out if anything that may have happened here led to this deadly double shooting. in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the men who died were in their late 20s or early 30s. they lived in contra costa county. an alameda county sheriff's deputy shot a suspect in castro valley overnight. he is in critical condition today. last night deputies pulled over a buick for having stolen license plates. the driver tried to run away on foot and as officers tried to stop him, a passenger in the car jumped behind the wheel. that's when the deputy fired. both men are in custody. oakland's police department under the gun to make major changes to some serious flaws within the force. sean nguyen told kpix 5 reporter anne makovec he is in charge. >> reporter: who is running the show right now, yourself or the
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federal overseers? >> i'm running the show. i am the police chief and there are certain things by court order i have to check with them about but day to day i'm making the decisions. >> you can see the rest of our one-on-one interview with acting chief whent this sunday on kpix 5 this morning starting at 7:30 a.m. a police officer was injured and five people arrested after a violent confrontation at san francisco state. [ yelling and cursing ] >> campus police say they got a call about 8 p.m. last night about unauthorized people in a residence hall. police say the trespassers, none of them students, resisted when officers tried to remove them. >> anybody could have been in the room and they just like came and like handcuffed people and started like beating people with flashlights. >> the trespassers said they are part of a protest group that was kicked out of a building the day before elsewhere in san francisco. they insist last night they were just visiting friends, not protesting. some other headlines around
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the bay area on this friday. a traditional funeral was held for malcolm shabazz in oakland this morning. he is the grandson of malcolm x. 28-year-old shabazz was killed in mexico city last week. officials say he was beaten to death by two waiters over a $1,200 bar tab. shabazz's body is now on the way to new york for a private funeral and burial. a mountain lion who wandered into downtown santa cruz is back where it belongs back up in the mountains. a 100-pound male was spotted yesterday. he got stuck downtown in an area aqueduct there. wildlife rescue crews tranquilized it as a crowd looked on. he is back in the mountains. 7 missing people from the deadly texas tornadoes are now accounted for and today governor rick perry will be paying a visit to the affected areas. wednesday night, 16 tornadoes left nothing but debris and leveled homes in their wake. six people were killed and hundreds left homeless. granbury took the brunt of the
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deadly weather. a neighborhood with dozens of habitat for humanity homes. but one survivor is optimistic. >> all the people that helped me build it three years ago, say hey, don't worry about it, we're ready to build it again. >> many of granbury's survivors are still not allowed to return to what's left of their homes. crews are working to clear the area of leaking propane tanks and downed power lines before residents are allowed back in. coming up, some red carpet theatrics on the french riviera and the search for thieves and a million dollars jewelry heist. >> reporter: i'm roberta gonzales at aquatic park. have you ever wondered what it's like to swim from alcatraz to san francisco? we'll tell you about it as the news continues with mobile weather on kpix 5. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. the winds are starting to blow around the bay area. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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encouraging news this morni about a recovering economy helped push higher k prices today... a live look at the big board now. the dow is up.... (ad s) in fact the n encouraging news this morning about a recovering economy helped push stock prices higher today. a live look at the big board right now, and you can see, look at that, the dow is up about 97 points. in fact, the nasdaq and s&p are all in near record territory. the blame game on the irs scandal continues on capitol hill today. lawmakers grilling the former commissioner who was forced out. cbs reporter danielle nottingham with the lawmakers who have made the white house now on the defensive. >> reporter: the ousted acting commissioner of the irs told congress politics did not motivate the tax agents who targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny. >> i think what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be
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more efficient in their workload selection. the listing described in the report while intolerable was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> reporter: lawmakers on the house ways and means committee came down hard on steven miller saying his agency failed the american people and that managers failed to come clean to congress. >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. this screams out for tax reform, does it not? >> i think it's an area ripe for redefinition and reform, yes, sir. >> reporter: the treasury inspector-general also testified. he confirmed his findings that the irs singled out conservative groups for unfair treatment. >> the irs views inappropriate criteria to target for review tea party and other organizations based on their name and policy positions. >> reporter: president obama said he did not know about the irs scandal until it came out in the headlines last week. but republican leaders are keeping the white house on the defensive. >> this appears to be just the latest example of a culture of
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coverups and political intimidation in this administration. >> reporter: the president has promised to continue the crackdown at the irs. he appointed 42-year-old daniel werfel as the new acting commissioner. and along with congress, he is demanding a clean break from past mistakes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. it's friday! >> it is. >> hooray! >> doesn't it feel good? >> it feels great. you guys are going to play golf pretty soon. >> we have a charity event we'll be at this afternoon in pleasanton. looking forward to that. and it's going to be windy. so hopefully we are going to enjoy a great golf game and a lot of great weather around the bay area not only today but i think the weekend is going to work out super. outside right now, sure, the breezes are blowing a bit over the bay. but otherwise, we are looking at mostly clear skies now. the temperatures beginning to warm up. 67 degrees in concord. 67 in livermore. still a cool 57 in san francisco. and 65 degrees in san jose. throughout the afternoon those breezes are going to blow
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especially toward the coastline and just inside the bay. tonight a few low clouds and fog toward the coastline and inside the bay. but the weekend is looking very nice as high pressure begins to settle in overhead. today a transitional day. we have the trough along the coastline now pumping in cool air and helping the winds kick up. this ridge building in over the weekend should bring plenty of sunshine and much warmer weather especially as we get into sunday. temperatures around the state upper 70s in toward the sacramento valley. 79 degrees in fresno. still a chance we could see a few lingering showers in the high country. partly cloudy and about 60 degrees into monterey bay. temperatures around the bay in the south bay looking at 69 in san jose. 72 in morgan hill. a cool 58 and breezy in pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the 60s and also the 70s. and as you head inside the bay, you will feel that sea breeze through the golden gate bridge 61 degrees in sausalito, 60 in san francisco. and about 59 degrees in daly city. hey, if you want to head to the ballpark tonight, should be a great night for the game. a little cool. a little breezy, too.
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temperature about 59 degrees. the as playing the royals tonight. over the weekend we are going to see plenty of sunshine, high pressure builds in. those temperatures warming up nicely 80s by sunday. monday we could be pushing 90 degrees. then those temperatures cool off, more clouds and those winds kicking up toward the middle of this next week. well, this weekend the ultimate jail break in san francisco bay in mobile weather, kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live by aquatic park with tomorrow's alcatraz shark fest. >> reporter: spot on. the winds have been increasing here. behind me on the bay waters we are seeing whitecaps. right now mobile weather is reporting 59 degrees and the winds are between 5 to 10. the water over here off the bay is calm. to tell us about the ultimate race, it's sharkfest, lou ann rose. tell us about sharkfest, what is it? >> reporter: it's 1.5-mile swim from alcatraz to san francisco that's going to be about 900 competitors making the crossing. >> and that's a sold-out crowd.
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>> it is. so it's a very popular event. >> reporter: walk us or swim us through it from alcatraz to the shoreline. >> essentially they take us out on a ferry and drop us off on the left side of alcatraz. then we jump in off the ferry. they line us up at the start line. as soon as that horn goes off, everyone is racing to the finish. it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: i took part in this before and i remember they had to push me off the boat. >> if you don't jump, they will push you. so they allow the people to get off the ferry and make sure the race starts on time. >> reporter: my experience is as soon as i jump in i don't know how far down i'm going. that scares me. i just want to get to the top of the water as soon as possible. then it's like five separate currents. this is a difficult swim. what's your strategy as an eight-time winner? >> definitely getting in front, having a good start, make sure i have a fast sprint off the start line and pushing all the way through. there's going to be changes in the currents from start to finish. so if you are feeling like it's against you a little bit, you have to pick up the pace and push through so you can get a good time. >> reporter: one year it was too foggy for me to see coit
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tower on the shore and the other time it was clear. that's what we expect for the weather forecast for tomorrow. we'll have clear skies, air temperature in the low 50s. water temperature between 58 and 62 degrees. if you want to come on out and cheer on the swimmers, it's such a sight to behold, visit us online at and click on "links and numbers" for more information. good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: for mobile weather at aquatic park, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> roberta, thank you. a bold $1 million jewelry heist and a strange coincidence with a film. >> if you have a consumer problem or question, call us on our hotline 888-5-helps-u. we have volunteers standing by right now. we'll be right back.
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breaking news out of north s vegas, that's where we re getting reports of a tanker explosion near nellis air force base. we're following breaking news right now out of north las vegas. that's where we're getting reports of a tanker explosion near nellis air force base. we are just getting reports that firefighters are saying one person has died after this explosion. apparently, it happened just a short time ago, possibly about an hour ago. again, outside of nellis air force base, reportedly at a business there, where there was an explosion. one person dead. switching gears now, a family pasta dish on tap for today's tony table. tony tantillo and his daughter
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stephanie are adding butter to a delicious friday creation. >> reporter: today we are making something that we just had over my mom's house, what do you call this? >> she just calls it pasta with broccoli rab and cauliflower. you use the same water to cook the vegetables and pasta and put it in the blender. >> reporter: this is the texture when it's all together. so beautiful and so much flavor to it. right there, we put up a little butter and pasta water. and then add pasta water. a little more. then add the pasta. nice. . a little bit of cheese. this will chicken it back thicken it up and add more flavor. add a little bit of red pepper. >> reporter: look how delicious this looks.
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easy to make. >> yum. >> reporter: that's my little girl. bye-bye. ♪[ music ] >> there you go. the great police say someone stole jewelry worth more than a million dollars from a hotel room in the french riviera. the diamonds and gems were set to be worn by stars on the red carpet at the cannes film festival. it happened at the same time as the screening of the blame ring and that by the way is a film about teenaged jewel thieves who hit celebrity homes when they are away at red carpet premieres. abercrombie & fitch revenge . how a california man is getting back at the clothing store for only selling to the cool kids. >> as of now, the countdown is on for labor day for the bay bridge opening. you're watching -- keep it right here as we watch the progress of the bay bridge. we'll be right back. look at 'em.
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targets thin, pretty people. "abercrombie & fit a campaign to put abercrombie & fitch in its place after the company publicly announced it only targets thin pretty people. ♪[ music ] >> abercrombie & fitch only wants a certain kind of person to bewaring their clothes. today, we are going to change that. >> this video features a guy in
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l.a. buying out abercrombie & fitch clothes at thrift stores and giving them to the homeless. it's got 5 million views. in it, the man calls for others to get involved by buying up the brand's clothes and helping the homeless too. >> their ceo said something that was 2006. but kind of coming back to bite him a little bit. >> a bit. so now there is a campaign going. creative. >> it's the weekend. >> it is. >> you're going golfing. >> you're going golfing. >> i know. >> what are you doing? >> let's have fun. >> i'm going to take a nap. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> dr. meade: the nurse said that you were able to eat. any nausea? steffy, any nausea? okay. i just want to make sure that you are okay and ready to go home. [ clears throat ] >> thomas: so, are they gonna release her? >> taylor: uh...i think so. >> thomas: that's good, right? >> dr. meade: [ sighs ] >> taylor: how is she? >> dr. meade: she's still not talking. >> eric: what? >> taylor: i've never seen her like this. if she would just get angry or scream or trash the room, break down in my arms -- anything but this emptiness. i'm seeing nothing from my daughter, and it scares me.

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